Blogger rss feed not updating

We were previously aware of an issue affecting all Yodlee feeds from connecting/refreshing.Yodlee have resolved this issue and you should now be able to refresh your feed. If you’re wondering how often and when your bank feeds should appear in your Xero, check out the target times & frequency of Direct bank feeds for the United Kingdom.

I like to check images in a feed using Firefox: Here’s the catch.

Many shows are now displaying problems that never had problems before. If it doesn’t, it will break in the i Tunes store (and probably other directories as well) .

In a very few number of cases, feeds will be or remain stuck even once a feed is valid and your artwork meets requirements.

However, they have repeatedly iterated to members of the Libsyn team the size limitation, and have requested larger images be fixed prior to any additional work done on their end to kickstart a show into updating again.

Your show artwork gets uploaded under Settings – Show Settings in your Libsyn account.

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