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Rather than sounding extreme, online daters often stated they were “” on politics. of the University of Miami conducted more research, looking at 2944 online dating profiles from 313 United States zip codes to find out about politics and Internet dating among heterosexuals. Klofstad published in 2011 found that people selected dates based on attributes like weight, religion and education, rather than political preference. Klofstad told Decoded Science, “.” While women chose men based on smoking, body type and race, men were less concerned about these traits, and overall, liberals were less picky about body type.

While many of the stories will resonate with all women, there are some unique aspects of dating within the conservative movement. From 2006 to 2011 I was the Director of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

(available in hardcover and digital on February 25), I write about my dating experience in D. and the challenges many conservative women face, as well as my religious journey.

When liberals date liberals and conservatives date conservatives, the children that result are not only culturally primed through learning and modeling to have the same political beliefs as their parents, but some research indicates that genetic factors are also involved.

Over time, as “like seeks like…occurs over each successive generation, it will cause a widening of the variance in the assorted trait and more individuals at the extremes in the population.

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