Dustin heather still dating

Here is a zoomed in and enhanced version of the photo in which you can see Dustin and his alleged victim a little better: A number of Dustin’s friends have tweeted their support as well, most of which defending his character and that he just isn’t the kind of guy that would grope a girl at a bar — even if he was smashed.

Either way, Dustin was charged with sexual battery, resisting an officer violently, disturbing the peace by intoxication and remaining after being forbidden.

The male Vegas roommates — namely Mike Ross — were dumbstruck by their PDA. "No more flirting, no more friendship, no more sleeping in the same bed.

It to stop." PHOTOS: Reality TV love gone bad As Marter pulled away from Zito — he ran straight to another roommate, Heather Cooke.

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Officers then made contact with Zito and advised him to put down his glass beer bottle and exit the business.

) during "Real World: Las Vegas," Dustin's ability to talk comfortably about his ex-career has clearly evolved over time.

However, despite the strides he's taken in working through his demons (and the fact that D&H claimed to have moved past it after "Battle of the Exes") it's clearly still a sore spot for the couple.

"I am very sexually frustrated at this point and none of the guys are the type of person I'd go for," Gonzalez reasoned. PHOTOS: Wild celebrity meltdowns "I do feel like a lot of it came from feeling so wronged by Dustin and hurt," Marter said, days after she found out her live-in love once appeared as "Spencer" on internet porn sites Frat Men and Fratpad.

"So the closest person to that is Heather." PHOTOS: Stars partying in Las Vegas As the clip above shows, the girls romped around the house — and in the hot tub — and engaged in booze-fueled makeout sessions after taking body shots off one another. "It's just a shame I had to deal with it in that way." "I know in my heart that I have to pull myself out of the situation," she said of getting close to Zito.

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