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But the difference is more than made up by the fact that we spent far less supplementing the household than we would have in an unfurnished place.And, since we opted out of shipping furniture and stuff from the mainland (do you really even want to consider this? Many property parcels contain more than one housing unit.And by golly, contrary to more than a few expectations (see our How to Deal with Naysayers list), we stayed for a couple of years before we decided to travel full time! Well, first of all, yes, you CAN afford to live in Hawaii.But before you throw your favorite flip-flops and ancient Aloha shirt in your sayonara suitcase, make your best plan.Fortunately, Mintz provides helpful suggestions to increase women’s pleasure.I encourage both men and women read this valuable and insightful book.” — Paul Joannides, Psy.The place we currently rent is a former vacation rental, so we not only scored fully-furnished, but a tricked-out kitchen, linens, small appliances in a totally turn-key situation.

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Grounded in research and packed with real-world tips, readers will thank Mintz for her truth-telling.” — Dorian Solot, co-author of I Love Female Orgasm “This book is set up like a college textbook for female orgasm, with some philosophy and pep talks and then some hands-on experimenting.

In Hawaii, you’ll be better off financially and personally if you make some changes.

Take our advice and let go of your mainland mentality.

And a chapter at the end for male partners to read. ” — Book Riot “A fun and empowering reminder that sexual dissatisfaction is not inevitable….

does a good job questioning these basic assumptions, re-orienting us to another vision of what sex can be, and giving practical advice on how to be a boss bitch during sex.” — Feministing “Laurie Mintz, a professor of psychology at the University of Florida, wins this year’s award for best book title.” — New York Times “You’ll be reading for pleasure in more ways than one.” — Bustle “A manifesto for today’s orgasmic insurrection…. Becoming Cliterate will help many women reach their orgasm objectives.” — Los Angeles Review of Books “Fun, funny, and empowering.

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