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10 Neighborhoods in America You Should Avoid at All Costs!

The FBI have recently released a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America, and this is something you will definitely want to take note of...

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Sometimes, parents try to recreate the efforts of professional photographers with children, but fail hopelessly. These 14 Hilarious Vet Signs Are Going to Crack You Up! The actress was in a West Hollywood editing room to give notes on her new film, “What’s Your Number? So she works to diminish self-consciousness: she doesn’t watch her performance after a take or read her reviews, stays in at night for weeks on end, and, when she does go out, seeks anonymity behind one of her forty-nine pairs of sunglasses. ” doesn’t open until September, but it’s already ringed by skeptics. ” the director, Mark Mylod, asked solicitously.“My face! The mechanism that makes Faris Hollywood’s most original comic actress—a face as diagnostic as a polygraph pen—starts to quiver whenever she sees herself act or feels an ambient skepticism.When toddlers or young children are left on their own, the likelihood is a disaster will ensue.Here are 20 timely reminders why they shouldn't be left alone!

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