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caught up with the always-charming performer to talk about following in a good friend's footsteps, taking the show on the road and making a certain OUT Magazine list. I came for the first time when I was five because I had relatives who lived in Leicester [north of London], and after that I came during college for four months and then Poppins, Hair and now this—it keeps calling me back.

That’s exactly what we call it—or what I call it, anyway. Hair had a bit of an event feeling about it, but this truly is. stretch last fall, they called my agent and said, “We want to talk about Gavin going to London.” To be honest, I wasn’t chomping at the bit to go, and I was also so in love with my tour company, but there was a part of me that just felt as if I was being called back.

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I guess it’s an easy way to discover who else is at least possible. In the same way, Mark Evans is phenomenally talented and he’s out there nailing it, but I am this person, you know what I mean?And Jared and I have this amazing relationship that I’m really proud of, so I’m so grateful to Casey [Nicholaw, co-director] and the directors that they were willing to go, “Let’s bring them to London.” How has the show been going?I told Jared backstage on tour in the States, “Don’t get used to this because in London they listen really well but they’re not as boisterous and they don’t stand up every time.” And you know what? Andy and I lived next to each other for five years in Hell’s Kitchen!I had always thought, this was his show and it was never something that I was going to be a part of.

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