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But it's ok for us to carry dead rotton crap inside ! Being able to sit with my legs crossed indian style in a dress and not sniff ANYTHING is priceless !Two things can help a little in terms of the man and sparing his feelings.Even if you leave a little of the vinegar smell,it goes away throughout the day.I do this every single shower and I haven't had a yeast infection in over 6 months, which is great for me.I have to get into a tub and wash inside and out ot the vagina, if I dont rinse well inside , I use Dove, it will appear .So I cant just lay back and chill after sex like guys do, unless I want to puke when I open my legs, and it funks your underwear too ! It's ok only when there is no sperm inside the vagina, but getting a man ,especially an older man to use a rubber is like asking them to sacrifice thier manhood.If a man thinks he is helping and has the chance for more sex he will make a lot of changes.

I didn't bathe for three days just washed my pits and butt with a washcloth. I have tried the diet test with different foods, still stinks after !!!My husband and I were both virgins when we got married, and obviously there is no one else. The smell seems to be more noticable if we've had more sex in a short period of time.Also the smell doesn't show up until usually the next day, but lingers for a day or two! Also, there is no discharge, and I've had yeast infections before so I know its not that. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do about this! I think I know what you mean my sex partner tell me that her stomach hurt when we have sex, and she also say she a bad fishy smell to after we have sex.And it gets rid of the itches I sometimes get too..Going to try yogurt before sex one of these times :) Ok I posted almost a year ago.

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