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One cannot undergo sex reassignment surgery unless going to a trial and receiving a positive court's decision.A 2015 Eurobarometer survey found that only 29% of Bulgarians agree with the statement that transgender people should be able to change their civil documents in order to match their inner gender identity.Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation has been banned since 2004, with discrimination based on "gender change" being outlawed since 2015.Bulgaria, like most countries in Central and Eastern Europe, tends to be socially conservative when it comes to such issues as homosexuality.Homosexuality was legalized in 1858 in all parts of Ottoman Empire, so Bulgaria as part of it legalized it too.After the Liberation of Bulgaria, homosexuality was recriminalized.Support was higher among Orthodox Christians (19%) and 18–34 year olds (26%), in contrast to Muslims (12%) and people aged 35 and over (15%).

The revised Penal Code of removed the sections outlawing homosexual acts.

Experts say that the process was a masquerade for the public so that "people will understand how decadent the Western culture is".

In the 1960s, there were a couple of other similar cases which again involved some of Bulgaria's elite.

The parents are rarely informed of the damages this could later cause to the child's gender identity.

Same-sex couples are banned from adopting in Bulgaria.

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