Youth dating lessons

This Bible study series is targeted to upper elementary, or age 9 – 12 (U. 3rd – 6th Grade) but can be adapted for younger children with some extra teacher preparation.This is the most in-depth teaching series we’ve published so far.It takes kids on a 34 week exploration of the early church through the book of Acts.As they follow in the footsteps of Peter, John, and Paul – they will see the work of the Holy Spirit in building his church and advancing the Gospel.Lesson index: #1 Wise – #2 Active Faith – #3 Kindly Spoken – #4 Humble – #5 Patient All human life is precious to the LORD, because people are made in HIS image. Each study walks children through the petitions of the prayer and the patterns they set for our own prayer times.This is true for all stages of life and Jesus followers have always be a voice for the value of life. We’ve included a large list of bonus activities, object lessons, and other helps for your teaching.These free resources even have handouts online you can download and print.

It requires a user registration (no cost), and you get instant access to some really great children’s ministry resources.However, teachers can certainly adapt the study material for younger children.This series offers a 28 week study of the leaders of ancient Israel.These 4 lessons are filled with practical help for kids.#1 Walk in Wisdom — #2 Walk in Truth — #3 Walk in Love — #4 Walk in Faith The target ages is 10-14 years old, so this series would work best with older elementary.

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